Be diligent on the savings amount

Don’t get cought up with list price.
Some retailers will list thier items with a discount putting the list price on top and writing the amount you save till thier current price, then let me tell you a secret, list price is a blown up value price that in the retail industry is rarely used as the price point of the item.

There are a few price levels a retailer would get on pricesheets from a vendor
1. Msrp, list price (manufacturer suggested retail price)
2. Map price (minimum advertised price)
3. Cost, booknet (this is the amount negotiated with the vendor to sell this product for the retailer)

Msrp is a price that some use for calculation basis for the cost or so.

Map price is the price that if map is enforced all authorized resllers would stick to that price, except if there is a rebate or deal allowed by the vendor going on at that time.

So back to our first point , map price is the price point where this item would be officially, while this is the case some online stores will always list the list price and price at regular map pricing just to show the customer a savings, while there is non and all authorized dealers are priced on the same price point.

Don’t get fooled when you see a discount posted on a site, make your proper research by using Google shopping or other comparison sites to see how others are priced.

Author: golden metzies