Eravino Wine Decanter, 100% Mouth Blown Crystal Glass – Will Make a Nice Wine Gift, Wine Aerator or Wine Accessories – Holds 750ml – full bottle of wine

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  • ►FEATURES: The finest quality. 100% handmade and high quality 100% Lead Free Crystal Glass that provides a brilliant, colorless finish that allows for the true color of wine to be fully appreciated.. Unique and elegant shape design, easy to pour and drip- free pouring. Allows wine to unfold its full bouquet, maximizing the enjoyment. The elegant curve decanter will steal the show when placed on a festively laid table, it is just as at home on a coffee table by candlelight.
  • ►WINE DECANTER. Any wine, red or white and of any age will generally be enhanced by exposure to air – usually the more air the better. Pouring a wine directly from the bottle into the glass will aerate the wine to an extent but pouring wine into decanters will expose the entire bottle contents to the air and the agitation caused by gently swirling helps even further.
  • ►NO DROP EFFECT. Decanter neck is cut at an angle allows the wine to be poured into the glass even more smoothly, and furthermore is an essential design element. A special feature of the glass surface which permanently prevents drops from running down the outside of carafes and decanters.
  • ►HAND-CRAFTER. Blown and hand-made. Perfect gift for wine enthusiasts, lovers and collectors, whether it’s for Anniversary, Birthday, Mother’s day, Christmas, or any other holiday. That are truly timeless provide an understated simplicity on the table. Try one of our many wine decanters and see for yourself.
  • ►SIMPLE AERATOR. Perfect for decanting a standard-size bottle of wine (750ml). 63-ounce full capacity, Ensure an elevated experience that enhances both the aroma and flavours wine. Decanter opens the rich aromas and flavour profile of wines.

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