Office Chairs, Komene Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chairs High Back Computer Task Chairs with Adjustable Backrest, Headrest, Armrest and Seat Height for Conference Room

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  • 【Put Less Amount Of Pressure On Hip And Buttocks】: Sitting on regular chair leads to tremendous amount of pressure on the hip and buttocks. These issues can be reduced by using komene ergonomic chairs as they are made of soft material, which puts less amount of pressure on these areas. The elasticity fits the contour of the buttocks more comfortably.
  • 【Reduces Thechances of Neck Problem】: Person whose line of work involves sitting on a chair for longer hours is likely to develop long-term neck problem in future. Use of our ergonomic chair with rotatably liftable headrest reduces thechances of neck problem as it gives your neck a proper support, which in turn reduces the amount of strain that is usually experienced.
  • 【Provide An Option Of Complete Backrest】: Not only supports your spine, but their reclining function allows you to stretch your back to 110 degrees. This results in less complaints of back pain.1-Choosing 90 degrees at work can make you concentrate;Choose 110 degrees at rest to relax.
  • 【Lot More Comfortable】: Compared to other regular work chairs,our technical mesh task chairs are designed by keeping in mind the habits, personality, traits, line of work, etc. of the user. Hence, such chairs provide a lot of comfort to you as they are extremely user-friendly.
  • 【Support Posture And Makes Working More Convenient】: You can even do those activities by comfortably sitting on a chair, which was earlier difficult to perform without getting up from the chair. This reduces the strain as you can maintain a perfect posture for a longer period of time.

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